Wood by Weeks

​​​ Wood by Weeks

Deb Weeks
& Rick Weeks
Cutting Boards, Cheeseboards​
Lovingly Handmade in
New Hampshire

Caring For Your Board

After each use:

     - Wash your board in warm soapy water
     - Rinse the board with water
     - Towel dry the board

Allow the board to air dry. If the board does not have feet, place it upright to allow to dry completely.


     - Oil your board when it starts to appear dry
Regular use of mineral oil will prevent cutting boards from becoming dry. Food grade mineral oil prevents liquid from penetrating the board, which can be a source of germs and bacteria.

Salt & Lemon:

Sometimes a board may acquire a slight smell or stain. If this happens, sprinkle board with kosher salt then take a half lemon and use it to rub salt into the board. When you are done, remove the lemon/salt with a dry towel. Then, generously rub mineral oil onto the board. Let stand on board for at least 10-15 minutes, then wipe off any remaining oil.

     - Put a wooden cutting board in the dishwasher
     - Allow a wooden cutting board to soak in water
     - Oil with vegetable or olive oil. They are a food product and can turn rancid.